HubSpot round robin workflow overview (2023)

The round robin meeting method is a process for more rapidly distributing sales leads and fastening lead response time. Many businesses use this strategy, as it is very effective in scheduling meetings with inbound leads as quickly as possible.If you regularly set online appointments with leads, having a round robin workflow in place is a must. This is because it can help you achieve lightning-fast response times.

Which will greatly enhance your sales. Many businesses use HubSpot for round robin functionality since they have a fantastic CRM solution. But do they really deliver the best experience?

The short answer, no.

In this guide, you’ll discover everything about HubSpot Round Robin Workflow. How it works, the benefits, and its limitations.

(we’ll also show you a more budget-friendly solution that delivers much better results.)

Whilst the use of the HubSpot round robin is an amazing solution, it probably wont fit a lot of peoples budget and technical expertise. 

The QikChat round robin is set up automatically, right after you login for your whole team at a fraction of the price. 

What Is a HubSpot Round Robin Workflow?

A HubSpot Round Robin Workflow is a workflow feature in HubSpot that allows you to add a round robin function where appropriate.

4 Steps to set up round robin lead assignment HubSpot

  1. The first step is to head over to Workflows inside the HubSpot app.

2. You’ll click on Create Workflow and then on Start From Scratch.

This is where the whole process of creating round robin lead assignment HubSpot occurs.

3. Click on Set Up Triggers to create a set-off for your round robin workflow.

4. Once done, you can assign your staff or team to handle your leads.

You also have the ability to set up a notification system, so your team will get notified each time a lead has set up a call with them.

2 Benefits of HubSpot Round Robin Workflow

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using the HubSpot Round Robin Workflow.

1. CRM Integration

HubSpot’s CRM is one of the most popular CRM solutions on the market. It’s an excellent way to store customer information since it allows you to:

  • Automatically update customer interactions
  • Integrate it with Gmail or Outlook
  • Create custom dashboards

It’s also free!

One of the benefits of using HubSpot Round Robin Workflow is that your CRM is natively connected to it. That makes everything easy, fast, and reliable.

But of course, if you don’t use their CRM, you don’t benefit from it at all.

2. All In One Solution

The most prominent benefit of going with HubSpot is its functionality.

Unlike tools that specialise specifically on the round robin functionality, HubSpot will provide you with a couple of additional features, such as:

  • Marketing campaign reporting
  • Customer portal
  • Data quality automation

Of course, you might not need any of these – or have a better system in place.

If so, this can come up as a huge disadvantage, since even if you don’t need any of HubSpot’s additional features, you will still have to pay for them.

5 Limitations of HubSpot Round Robin Workflow

HubSpot is a great all-in-one solution.

But, just like any other tool, it has a few major drawbacks that might completely discourage you from giving it a shot.

Here are some of the most annoying limitations of HubSpot.

1. Limited to HubSpot Lead Forms

The most annoying thing about using HubSpot is that you are limited to their lead forms.

Just imagine using your favourite landing page builder to get your site and funnel in place and later realising it’s completely useless because of this.

But, of course, there is a way to go about this, like using a third-party software solution like Zapier.

But this might not be optimal since

  • You increase the chances of something going wrong
  • You have to pay additional fees


The more tools you use and the more complicated the whole process is, the bigger the chance of something going wrong.

What’s even worse, since you’ll be using multiple tools, you might not even know about it.

And you’ll risk losing tons of leads and looking unprofessional.

2. Difficult to Set Up

The process of setting up the HubSpot Round Robin Workflow we’ve outlined may seem pretty easy. But that’s only a fraction of what you have to do. In reality, you also have to create the lead forms, connect everything, and move your biz to HubSpot.

And that’s a lot more complicated than it seems…

In fact, there are agencies that help clients get set up with HubSpot.

Just imagine how difficult it must be when you have to pay big bucks to an external company to prepare everything for you.

3. Timely Ineffective

As we’ve said in the previous limitation, HubSpot makes it super-difficult to get set up.

Unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury of time…

All the time you are figuring out how HubSpot works, why certain things do not work as they should, and fixing problems, you’re losing money.

It’s critical to move quickly in today’s hyper-competitive market to thrive.

If you fail to do so, your competitors will eat you up.

4. Extremely Expensive

HubSpot has many great features that can come in handy for your business. But what if you don’t ever use them?

Well, you still have to pay for everything – and we’re talking about thousands of dollars.

That’s right; you can see the HubSpot pricing below.

And this number scales up as your team members start to add up. It’s extremely expensive, and if you don’t have a huge budget, you won’t be able to afford it.

(and even if you do, there are much better places to spend your money.)

5. Difficult to Leave

HubSpot is advertised as an all-in-one solution, providing you with everything you need to run a successful business that makes sales.

But this means that your whole business lives inside HubSpot.

And leaving them for another solution is almost impossible! This is one of the most common issues of HubSpot users.

And while having everything in one place makes things simpler, it might be very limiting.

QikChat: Round robin lead assignment HubSpot alternative

If you’re looking for a solution that helps you implement round robin to your business effortlessly and costs only a fraction of the HubSpot round robin price, look no further.

In this section, you’ll discover the best round robin solution on the market.

What Is QikChat?

QikChat is a tool to automate the entire process of sending a lead a scheduling link with the intention of hoping to schedule a meeting and connecting it to the right person.

It removes the laborious friction points to receive the most value from every single lead.

And creates the opportunity for the fastest lead-to-meeting time.

Why Choose Us?

Round robin meeting availability and distribution are at the heart of our product. We specialise in providing the potential for all sales reps of teams to generate round robin sales. There is no other tool as focused on the round robin functionality as QikChat.

If you’re looking to create a level playing field and give everyone an equal opportunity to set up your whole team for success, this is the way to do so.

Also, the whole setup is a pleasant experience – extremely intuitive and straightforward.

You can get it done in just a few minutes, as opposed to a few days if you ended up choosing the HubSpot round robin solution. 

How It Works

QikChat works extremely effectively, so the whole process is pretty simple. To set up and identical round robin lead assignment HubSpot, all you need to do is invite your team members onto your account and QikChat will auto-assign team members in a round robin format. 

You can choose any platform or advertisement type that suits your needs, we cover it all. After that, a potential lead sees your ad, fills in the information, and submits it.

And that’s where we come in!

The ad submits the lead’s information directly to QikChat, where we immediately assign a lead to one of your available staff, your not limited to only HubSpot lead forms like the HubSpot round robin solution.

We then collect the availability of your staff and send multiple times for a call to the lead’s email.

The lead selects a suitable appointment, and QikChat will automatically create an event inside Google Calendar, which both you and a lead can see.

There is no friction and everything works like a charm, all the time.

Bottom Line

QikChat is a superior HubSpot round robin alternative. It’s better in every area for users looking to implement the round robin function to their organisation.

Ready to Properly Implement Round Robin to Your Business?

Round robin is a way to make the most out of every lead.It will help you thrive and get ahead of your competitors. But using the HubSpot Round Robin Workflow may not be the best idea…

Sure, it can work fine in some cases, but in most, it’s not.

We offer you a superior tool built specifically to help you implement the round robin functionality into your business.

So hurry up, and try our tool for free ‘till you can.

Sign up for QikChat today, close more deals, and get more sales right now.

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