Don’t lose your form fill leads to back-and-forth emails that don’t result in booked meetings.

Scheduling automation for people that are serious about booking meetings, followed by lead-to-meeting insights that uncover sales opportunities.
-Reduce your speed to booking time from weeks to minutes.
-Skyrocket meeting attendance, by minimizing cancellations.
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Meeting insights that will take you to your revenue goal

Uncover lead-to-meeting insights that create revenue opportunities to enable teams to close more deals.

-Know your ideal meeting response time, to ensure high meeting attendance rates.

-Understand clearly why your meeting attendance may be falling.

-Track scheduled meetings, to know exactly where you deals are going. Leaving no room for error, reaching your sales targets.

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Turn meeting no-shows into rescheduled meetings

With one click, reschedule any meeting, at any meeting stage, to mitigate the high risk meeting no shows and cancellations.

-Know what number of meetings your leads have engaged in, right on your QikChat calendar, having a birds eye view of where every lead stands in your sales cycle.

-Offer earlier or new meeting availability instantly, reducing no-show risk. 

-Have complete visibility of the time in-between key meetings and offer earlier availability to ensure meeting attendance.

Scheduling automation

Booked meetings with the right team member, right after lead form completion.

-Increase scheduled meetings, by reducing lead drop off rates from separate scheduling pages. 

-1 click scheduling, right from the assigned team members calendar. 

-All available meeting options, are calibrated in the respective  time zones, ready for scheduling across all time-zones. 

-No more costly back and forth from the sales rep to lead, asking the lead to ‘click the link & select a time.’

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Route leads instantly

Right after form completion, route leads from your web forms to the right person.

-Assign the right person, successfully moving your leads through your sales stages. 

-Distribute your inbound leads evenly throughout your team, lifting morale, collaboration and setting up your team for success. 

-Provide the best lead experience. 

Team tracking

Have a complete view that shows you exactly which team members your leads are meeting with, the meeting stage, completed vs non completed meetings.

-Know the Completed vs Non Completed meetings on a team level, to instantly uncover, where meeting inefficiencies may lie, to action immediately.

-Analyze top performers and provide those insights to other team members, setting all team members up for success.

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Manage your inbound leads

All your inbound leads in one place, ready to track, manage and schedule. All inbound leads centrally stored, across numerous channels.

QikChat integrates

QikChat integrates with all the leading providers, like Google Calendar, Unbounce, Zapier, Instapage, WPForms and Gravity Forms. With plans to grow our list of integrations quickly, if you would like to see a software provider on this list, let us know and we’ll be sure to get back to you with how we can help.

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Uncover lead-to-meeting insights that create revenue opportunities to enable teams to close more deals.

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